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Christmas Menu 2023

With four seating areas to choose from; Phileas Fogg Restaurant, The Theatre Court, Garden Conservatory and Outside Decking with a viewing platform.           


Seasonal Soup (VG)

With Christmas croutons served with rustic bread.  £6.95

Chef’s Farmhouse Pate (GF)
Served with toasted bread and cranberry sauce.  £7.95


Traditional Roast Turkey  ( GF option available)
With our seasonal vegetables, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce. £16.95


Sunflower Seed & Nut Roast (VG) ( GF option available)
With Chef’s tomato sauce, new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  £16.95


Pie of the Day
Our now famous homemade pie is served with pigs in blankets, seasonal vegetables and new potatoes or alternatively our chips. £16.95


Festive Burger ( GF option available)
Using prime beef and topped with cheddar cheese, smoked maple bacon served with cranberry coleslaw and our cracked pepper and salt chips. £14.95


Homemade Vegetable Chilli (VG) ( GF option available)
Made with our own garden vegetables and served with rosemary and garlic bread with a side dish of sour cream. £14.95

Warm Chocolate ‘Gooey’ Brownie (GF)
With vanilla ice cream and chocolate salted caramel sauce. £7.95


Mad Hatter’s Ice Cream Surprise!
Mixed scoops of ice cream with indulgent chocolate dressing, flake, popping candy and syrup. £7.95


Seasonal Delicious Fruit Crumble
Served with hot custard or clotted cream. £7.95


In addition to our main Christmas Menu, we are offering these Festive Specials


Hearty Christmas Platter

Selection of Meats including Smoked Salmon, Turkey and Ham with traditional Cheeses - Stilton, Cheddar and Brie all served with Festive Chutney, Olive bowl, Coleslaw, Garden Side Salad and Local Bread.  £14.95                                                                                                                                     

Festive Sandwich selection   ( GF option available with all sandwiches)

  • Hot Roast Turkey baguette served with our stuffing a dish of cranberry sauce and gourmet chips.  £12.95    

  • Hummus and Olive sandwich served with our gourmet chips and side salad.  (V) £11.95

  • Smoked Salmon with cream cheese served with gourmet chips and side salad. £12.95    


Christmas Elf box

Containing a sandwich (choose from ham, cheddar cheese, jam) Pom Bear crisps, an apple and crispy cake.


Rudolph’s Fish Fingers

Served with gourmet chips and baked beans or peas.

Santa’s Chicken Goujons                                                                          

Served with gourmet chips and baked beans or peas.



Kids Menu
Festive Specials
(GF) Gulten Free 
(VG) Vegan
(V) Vegetarian
Download a PDF version of our Christmas Menu here..
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