Monet Bridge

Twelve Unique Gardens to Explore

Come take a journey around the world and beyond...

...into a mythical world of

your own childhood books. 

Family orientated gardens with a twist, incorporating an Italian Piazza, an African Jungle, Dragon Pool, Alice in Wonderland and the elves in their conifer forest.


With a surprise around every corner you don’t need a map as your curiosity will guide you.

For our younger visitors we provide a garden quiz that takes the whole family on a quest to solve the clues and return to collect a prize.

Explore the Gardens

To book tickets' for Garden Visits, please click to our online Shop- thank you. 

Free large car-park with coaches and parties welcome by appointment. 

"We were never ceased to be surprised by what we saw around every corner we turned. It took my breath away."


Mrs Perkins

Bear & Fountain.JPG

"This is a simply astonishing place. The gardens are created with such wit & imagination that they demand at least a second visit."


John Polley

Garden Design

Horticultural Theatre;

Unique, Quirky & Creative

Horticulture is at the heart of our gardens and having the open space to create allowed us to let our imagination take us to areas of the world and fantasy.


The themes incorporate rose gardens, dwarf conifers, bog gardens, seasonal bedding schemes, Italianate and Japanese planting and much more.

Every garden has seating, allowing the visitor to relax and take in the details.

Water features, whether a tranquil pool or dancing musical fountain, all provide experiences with sound.


"Brilliant, a proper garden not just a park with trees! Clever designs and amazing metal figures.

A surprise around every corner."


Mrs Moss