Restaurant Menu

With four seating areas to choose from; Phileas Fogg Restaurant, The Theatre Court, Garden Conservatory and Outside Decking with a viewing platform.           


LIGHT BITES: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm

Soup of the day (v)   (Gluten-free available)

Piping hot and full of flavour. 

Served with rustic bread and butter. £6.50

Farmhouse Chicken-liver Pate; 

Served with toasted bread and a pot of our delicious homemade chutney. (Gluten-free available). £7.50

LUNCH MENU: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm (Mon - Sat)

Fogg's Ploughman's

Hand-cut slices of ham, chicken and smoked salmon with a selection of cheeses served with our local baked bread accompanied with dishes of olives, chef's coleslaw and homemade chutney. 
For 1 -

Sharing platter for 2 - £25.00

Beef Lasagne; 

Prime beef mince layered on pasta sheets and topped with a cheesy sauce and served with mixed leaf salad, chips or garlic bread. £13.95

Chef's Pie of the Day;

Our special homemade pie is served with seasonal vegetables and chips or new potatoes. £14.95

Vegetable Chilli served with garlic bread and a side dish of sour cream.

(Vegetarian) Vegan available. £12.95

Quiche of the Day (v available)

Freshly made tasty quiche served with a trio of Ralph Court salad and tomato relish with chips or new potatoes. £12.95

Ralph Court Salad Bowl (gf available)

All served with garden tomatoes, basil and mint dressing on our garden mixture of salad with a bowl of new potatoes.

Chicken and Bacon - £12.95

Tuna with Sweetcorn - £11.95

Spicy Mixed Bean and Sweetcorn with side dish of our delicious chilli jam.  ( vegetarian and Vegan) - £11.95

RALPH COURT SANDWICHES: 11.30 am - 4.00 pm 

Made to order with "doorstep" crusty bread, and served with crisps and our Ralph Court salad with mint coleslaw. 

All sandwiches are available 'Gluten free' with Rustic Bap  - add £1.00 

Indulgent Smoked Salmon with cream cheese. £8.95  

Cheddar Cheese with homemade chutney (v) £7.95

 Ham with wholegrain mustard. £7.95

Tuna flakes & sweetcorn in a seasoned mayonnaise. £7.95                                                                                         

Houmas & Olive (made on-site). (v)

(Dairy-Free and Vegan available) £8.95


Brie & Redcurrant £7.95



Ralph Court Chips (Gluten-Free)  £3.50

With Cheese  £4.50

New potatoes £3.00


Ralph Court garlic bread - 2 slices £3.00

With cheese - 2 slices £4.00



Mr Toad's delicious 'Chicken-strips' served with chips and either beans or peas. £6.95

Captain Morgan crisp Fish-fingers served with chips and either beans or peas. £6.95

African Jungle Box - includes a fresh sandwich (choose from either Ham, Jam or Tuna mayonnaise), Pom Bear crisps, an apple and crispy cake. (Gluten-Free available) £6.95



Our chefs prepare daily specials using fresh ingredients grown in our own gardens, for a tasty surprise on the day. 


Seasonal delicious fruit crumble, served with either clotted cream or hot custard. £6.95 

Chocolate gooey brownie served with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream or clotted cream. £6.95 

Mad Hatters mixed ice-cream surprise, served with indulgent chocolate dressing, flake, popping candy and syrup. £7.95 

Chef's Sorbet ( dairy-free) served with mixed fruits. £6.95



All scones are served with a pot of our 'Phileas Fogg' breakfast tea and a butter portion;

Plain scone or Fruit scone with Homemade Strawberry Jam and  Cornish Clotted cream portion £8.95 

cream-tea (2).jpg



On Sundays we offer a full roast selection: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm 


Prime Roast Beef served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a boat of gravy. £14.95

Succulent Roast Chicken served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a boat of delicious gravy. £ 14.95

Our Special Sunflower Seed & Nut Loaf £14.95

(v, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan)

Served with our chef's Mediterranean tomato sauce and new potatoes.                                                                       

Children's portion of Sunday Roast available. £9.95

In addition on Sundays, we have a full selection of sandwiches, children's meals, puddings, tarts and cakes and our unique 'Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea' (to order in advance only).

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