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Restaurant Menu

Served 11.30 till 2.30pm

Fresh, Tasty & Homegrown;

Our chef's harvest ingredients fresh from our gardens ready to be created into delicious tasty dishes. 

With four seating areas to choose from;

Phileas Fogg Restaurant

The Theatre Court

Garden Conservatory

Outside Decking with viewing platform

The Great Ralphio


All scones are served with pot of our 'Phileas Fogg' breakfast tea and a butter portion;

Plain scone 


Fruit scone 

Homemade Strawberry Jam   

Cornish Clotted cream portion                                         £7.95 

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LIGHT BITES: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm

Soup of the day (v)   (Gluten free available)

Piping hot and full of flavour. 

Served with rustic bread and butter.  


Farmhouse Chicken-liver Pate; 

Served with toasted bread and a pot of our delicious homemade chutney. (Gluten free available)





LUNCH MENU: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm

Beef Lasagne; 

Prime beef mince layered on pasta sheets and topped with a cheesy sauce and served with mixed leaf salad, chips or garlic bread.


Chef's Pie of the Day;

Our special homemade pie is served with seasonal vegetables and chips or new potatoes. 


Vegetable Chilli served with garlic bread and side dish of sour cream.

(vegetarian ) Vegan available.


Quiche of the Day (v available)

Freshly made tasty quiche served with a trio of Ralph Court salad and tomato relish with chips or new potatoes. 


Ralph Court Salad Bowl (gf available)

All served with garden tomatoes, basil and mint dressing on our garden mixture of salad with a bowl of new potatoes.

Chicken and Bacon                                                          £11.95

Tuna with Sweetcorn                                                        £11.95

Spicy Mixed Bean and Sweetcorn with side dish of our delicious chilli jam.  ( vegetarian and Vegan)                   £10.95




RALPH COURT SANDWICHES: 11.30 am - 4.00 pm 

Made to order with "doorstep" crusty bread, and served with crisps and our Ralph Court salad with mint coleslaw. 

All sandwiches are available 'Gluten free' with Rustic Bap  - add £1. 

Indulgent Smoked Salmon with cream cheese.               £8.95  

Cheddar Cheese with homemade chutney (v)                 £7.95

 Ham with wholegrain mustard.                £7.95

Tuna flakes with sweetcorn in a lightly seasoned mayonnaise.                                                                                          £7.95

Houmas & Olive made on site. (v)

(Dairy Free and Vegan available)                                     £8.95


Brie & Redcurrant 





Ralph Court Chips (Gluten Free)                                                               £2.95

With Cheese                                                                                £3.95

 New potatoes                                                                   £2.95


Ralph Court garlic bread - 2 slices                                    £2.95

With cheese - 2 slices                                                       £3.95






Our chefs prepare daily specials using fresh ingredients grown in our own gardens, for a tasty surprise on the day. 





Mr Toad's delicious 'Chicken-strips' served with chips and either beans or peas. 


Captain Morgan crisp Fish-fingers served with chips and either beans or peas. 


African Jungle Box - includes fresh sandwich ( choose from either Ham, Jam or Tuna mayonnaise), Pom Bear crisps, an apple and crispy cake. (Gluten Free available)







Seasonal delicious fruit crumble, served with either clotted cream or hot custard. 

Chocolate gooey brownie, served with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream or clotted cream. 

Mad Hatters mixed ice-cream surprise, served with indulgent chocolate dressing, flake, popping candy and syrup.  

Chef's Sorbet ( dairy free) served with mixed fruits.

All puddings - £6.95

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On Sunday's we offer a full roast selection11.30 am - 2.30 pm 


Prime Roast Beef served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a boat of gravy.     £12.95

Succulent Roast Chicken served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a boat of delicious gravy.                    £ 12.95

Our Special Sunflower Seed & Nut Loaf 

(v,Gluten Free,Dairy Free,Vegan)

Served with our chef's Mediterranean tomato sauce and new potatoes.                                                                       £12.95


Children's portion of Sunday Roast available.                £9.95

In addition on Sundays we have a full selection of sandwiches, children's meals, puddings, tarts and cakes and our unique 'Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea' ( to order in advance only).

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