Ralph Court Gardens

It will take your breath away !

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         Fall in love with our

           Valentine themed

             Afternoon Tea

An enchanting journey of romantic exploration with the Valentine Afternoon Tea. A menu of romantically-themed treats including warm plain and fruit scones, served with Cornish clotted cream and our homemade strawberry preserve.

Those with a passion for pasty should look no further than our delicious warm mini quiches and our delicious Chicken and Mushroom parmesan cones. Our sweet selection includes our special Alice red velvet hearts and fresh cream strawberry tartlets. In addition, we will delight the palette with and our miniature Cupid chocolates hidden within the Mad Hatter’s box.

Not forgetting the ‘drink me’ love potion served with our handmade finger sandwiches including Salmon & Horseradish, Cucumber and Mint Cream Cheese and home cooked Ham with Wholegrain Mustard.

And of course, a complementary rose, what more could you ask……

The Valentine Afternoon Tea will be available from 12th – 16th February 2020, for £17.50 per person, or £25 with a glass of Pink Champagne. Booking essential.



                             TYPICAL  DAILY MENU    served 12.00 - 2.30 pm

During our Theatre Evenings we will be offering the dishes highlighted in red. 5pm - 7pm

                                                                      Light Bites

  Soup of the day (v)   

 Piping hot and full of flavour. Served with Rustic Bread and Butter

 (see specials board for details)                                                                               £5.95

 Farmhouse Pate                                                                                                    £6.50  

 Chicken liver pate. Served with toasted bread and a pot of our delicious red onion confit.                                                            


  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                  Lunch Menu

 Beef Lasagne (V)                                                                                                               £11.95 

 Herefordshire Beef mince layered with Pasta Sheets and topped with a cheesy Béchamel Sauce and served with a mixed leaf salad, chips or garlic bread


Chef's Pie of the Day                                                                                                                £11.95

 Our special homemade pie served with seasonal vegetables and chips or new potatoes.


 “The Court” Prime Beef Burger                                                                                           £11.95     

 6oz Beef Burger in a toasted brioche bun served with chips and tomato relish.

 Extra toppings for the Burgers

 Add either Smoked Bacon or Cheese                                                  £1.00

 Quiche of the day(v)                                                                                                             £10.95

 Freshly made quiche served with a trio of Ralph Court salad and tomato relish. See specials board for details.



Chips or New Potato’s                                                                         £2.95

 Seasonal Garden Vegetables                                                               £2.95

 Dressed Court Salad                                                                            £2.95

 Ralph Court Tomato Salad                                                                  £2.95   

 Our own Garlic Bread (2 slices)                                                          £2.25

 Our own Garlic Bread with cheese (2 slices)                                       £2.95


                                                                   Ralph Court Sandwiches

 *Made to order with ’Doorstep’ crusty bread and served with Crisps and our garden Court salad with mint coleslaw.                                                                                                                                             

 *Gluten Free Rustic Bap is available for alternative on dishes where applicable      (add £1)

  1. Indulgent Smoked Salmon, with cream cheese and prepared Ralph Court salad.                           £7.95
  2. Cheddar Cheese with Homemade Apple Chutney(V), hand cut cheddar cheese served with chef’s delicious, ‘home grown bramley’ apple chutney.                                                                                                        £6.95
  3.  Ham and Mustard- Home cooked honey and mustard cured ham with wholegrain mustard.          £6.95
  4.  Tuna and Sweetcorn - Tuna flakes made with juicy sweetcorn in a lightly seasoned mayonnaise.  £6.95


  Add bowl Chips                                                                                              £2.95


                                                                              Kids Meals                                

  Mr Toad’s delicious ‘Chicken strips’ served with chips and either beans or  peas                      £5.95  

 ‘Captain Morgan’ crisp Fish Fingers                                                                                            £5.95

  Served with chips and either beans or peas.                                                

 Fogg's children's box

Includes and sandwich (choose from either ham, cheddar, jam or tuna mayonnaise) Pom Bear crisps, an apple and crispy cake.                                                                                                                                         £6.95                                                    


                                                Ralph Court ‘Scrumptious’ Cream Teas and Scones

Plain Scone                                                                                                   £2.99

 Fruit Scone                                                                                                   £2.99

 All scones are served with a butter portion

 Jams and preserves                                                                                        80p

 Clotted Cream portion                                                                                   80p

 Ralph Courts Cream Tea                                                                            £6.95

 Plain and a fruit scone served with a pot of our homemade strawberry jam and a pot of clotted cream.


                                                                 Memorable Puddings        all £5.95

 Seasonal Delicious Fruit Crumble                                                        

 Served with either pouring cream or hot custard.

 Chocolate ‘Gooey’ Brownie                                                                  

 Served with hot chocolate sauce vanilla ice cream or clotted cream.                                 

 ‘Mad Hatters’ Ice cream surprise

 Mixed scoops of ice-cream with indulgent chocolate dressing, flake, popping candy and syrup.


Special ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Afternoon Tea

     The delightful combination of fun and delicious homemade treats makes our Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea both memorable and unique. A menu of themed treats including - plain and fruit scones, served with Cornish clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserve. Those with a passion for pastries should look no further than our delicious warm mini quiches. Our sweet selection includes our special Alice popping candy mushroom shaped cakes and our miniature chocolates hidden within the Mad Hatter’s box all with ‘unpredictable’ tastes. Not forgetting the ‘drink me’ potion served with our handmade finger sandwiches made to order. What more could you ask …….                                                                                     

 Please let us know if you have a special dietary requirement. Served from 2.30pm daily. Booking essential.    

Adult – 17.50   Children - £10   Family Afternoon Tea (2 adults and 2 children) - £50

 Gluten free available please ask. 

                                         We offer an large selection of Daily Specials in addition to our standard menu .


 On Sundays we offer a full  roast selection                                

  • Local Hereford Beef served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables and a boat of our delicious gravy.*
  • Succulent Roast Chicken served with  roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables and a boat of our delicious gravy.*
  • Vegetable Roast served with  roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables and a boat of our delicious gravy.*
  • Children's portion of Sunday Roast available.

In addition we offer light bites, a full children's selection, puddings and our unique 'Alice in Wonderland' Afternoon Tea ( served from 2.30pm)


*Gluten free available please ask. 

 Ralph Court Cream Tea


 2 freshly baked homemade scones served with Cornish clotted cream,Strawberry Jam and a pot of Phileas Fogg ‘World Blend’ tea                                                                                         £6.95  per person              Upgrade with a glass of sparkling Prosecco     10.95 per person  

-------------------------------------------Full Alice Afternoon Tea ( MINIMUM SERVING 2)------------------------

                                                                               served from 2.30pm.

Warm delicious mini quiche


Our selection of Sandwiches including :

                                          Smoked Salmon with cream cheese on brown wholegrain bread.

     Cheddar,  Cucumber and Basil mayonnaise on brown wholegrain bread.

Home cooked ham with wholegrain mustard on white bread.


                                                               Alice popping candy mushroom cakes

                             Homemade fruit scones served with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam.

                                                                   Bottle of  'Drink Me' potion.  

                               Our extraordinary palate of chocolate with unpredictable tastes.           

                                                        And a pot of Phileas Foggs Special Tea.