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Dinosaur fans are in for a treat this Summer at 
Ralph Court Gardens 

Dinosaur fans are in for a treat this Summer as Ralph Court Gardens welcomes a wide selection of life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. Step into a world where prehistoric giants roam and ferocious predators lurk, and make the school holidays memorable for the whole family
Dinosaurs World promises to transform the garden 'into a palaeontologist’s playground', delighting dino fans of every age.
The new garden is filled with classic favourites and let yourself be amazed by the sheer size of the Brachiosaurus reaching its long neck for the tallest branches of the tree, and feel a shiver running down your spine as you come face to face with a T-Rex ready to attack. All of our animatronic dinosaur models are placed next to existing paths making them easily accessible for wheelchair users and families with pushchairs. Next to each of our spectacular dinosaur models, you will find a plaque with key information and audio links.

The gardens will be transformed into a Christmas Winter Wonderland, with our musical fountain dancing to Christmas songs, Christmas inflatables and our special Victorian carollers will be completing this festive scene.  Come and listen to a Christmas story read by Boris the bear and hear our singing reindeer, supported by a donkey.  But remember, make sure you wear a coat as we guarantee snow flurries every day!

Giles Shenton Productions presents 


Dates: 17th to 20th December at 6:30 pm

Every night Ralph Court will be hosting this production by Giles Shenton in our Theatre Marguee.

A Festive family show with Christmas Stories and songs, fun for the whole family and do not forget to bring your friends.

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